Marilyn Bujalski's "Cross Stitch" Quilting

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Something exciting is afoot in the quilt world. Marilyn Bujalski of Clear Lake, Minnesota, calls it "cross-stitch quilting," her own combination of two well-loved needlearts: cross-stitching and quilting.

Marilyn, a garment sewer, became a quilter in the year 2000 after she spotted a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt on display in a fabric store. "I assumed that since I am a garment sewer, I could also make a quilt," she says. Without a single lesson, pattern, or guidance, she bought fabric and went home to duplicate the quilt she had seen. "I still have it, and it is a composite of every mistake a quilter could possibly make," she explains. "It also proves that with practice and patience, anyone can learn to quilt."

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